"The truth is rarely pure and never simple"

Oscar Wilde


A non-profit civil rights movement

As a society, there are several social stigmas (negative stereotypes) branded onto people, and publicly label them unfairly as going against the norm, and thus being a negative.  Individually, we are intelligent beings, but get us together as a mass and all intelligence goes out the window.  We tend to fear the unknown, or anything that strays from our own belief system in any way.  I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that it's ok that we all have differences in beliefs and opinions.  We should appreciate and respect each other's differences...not seek to change or eliminate them.  "Don't use your persistence, to speak out in resistance, rather, we all should practice silent coexistence."

  "Stop Social Stigmas" is a civil rights movement started by Pellavised LLC in order to stop these stigmas, and to help those affected via charitable donations to various charities.  We will choose a new charity every month to support.  10% of all readings, and revenue from products sold, along with any funds received through direct donation to Pellavised LLC will be put toward the monthly donation.  If you have a specific charity you'd like to have supported, please post the details in our forum, or feel free to message us privately. Let's change the world together!


Our current efforts: LGBTQ+, Suicide Awareness & Prevention

If there are any charities or groups you'd like us to look into supporting, please contact us with details.  Otherwise, please spread the word and help support the cause if that's feasible for you.  If not, please send positive energy and good thoughts our way.