The Point of No Return

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Welcome to! Unless you know me or have met me in person, you may not be sure of who I am or what it is that I do. It's possible that you may assume you know what I consist of based on the labels and stigmas that we as a society use to identify each other, or by things that you've heard by word of mouth, and maybe even your own personal beliefs and spiritual faith. This is why I'm titling this very first blog entry as "The Point of No Return".

I am 43 years old, and have been "me" my entire life. So this first blog entry is only an introduction to me for you, the reader. I'm willfully and consciously beginning this project after years of considering it, knowing full well that I am inviting judgement and criticism from sources I'd otherwise not have been subjected to. Having said that, I should follow up with the comment that I won't lose any sleep over it (no cocky or pompous undertone intended), but I believe any negative impact on me from doing this will be nothing compared to the benefit I will have in another soul's journey. My hope is that along the way, it will be seen, understood, and believed, that regardless of our differences, I am someone that lives by a strict code of honorable ethics (in my opinion).

I will without fail put your happiness and well being before my own, regardless of who you are. I will share anything I have with someone I believe needs it more. I do not lie, and in fact, am considered to be bluntly honest and lacking a filter everyone else seems to have too much of. I am genuine, loyal and trustworthy to my core. The only portion of my statement that I believe is an opinion is that my code of ethics are "honorable", but the statements themselves are merely fact. How can I say that with such conviction? Because it is me, and only me, that can determine fact from fiction in my own belief system, just as it is you and only you that can define fact from fiction in yours's. As well, I'm the one who continues to live by these ethics while knowing it inevitably is the reason why I spend most of my time alone. The filter I mentioned previously, tends to make it ever so easy for misunderstandings and miscommunications to occur, and the butterfly effect of that can be catastrophic in terms of relationships and connections when decisions are made without a clear understanding of fact vs. fiction, and come to fruition from assumptions needed to answer questions in our minds that filter for some reason will not allow us to clarify with each other. Maybe the filter isn't just over our mouths, but our ears as well. In my opinion, we either should all be silenced entirely by our filters, or we should all be born without them. Otherwise, misunderstandings and assumptions will reign supreme in our navigation through this life journey we are all on independently and co-dependently simultaneously. Such is the life in a binary universe where the natural laws that govern are in themselves a contradiction of each other, making yes = no, true = false, wrong = right, up = down and so on. I refer to it quite often as "balance", mostly as an attempt to make a concept which is difficult to grasp a little more palatable to the brain.

For me, I constantly try to remind myself that in all instances, everything that exists must have a counterpart...or else it wouldn't exist. This is why although I may acknowledge something I disagree with in my opinion, I will never "judge" or hold a difference "against" someone just because it doesn't match up to what I'd do, say or think myself. I wouldn't exist without those differences, so it would only stand to reason that eradicating the things that go against me would therefore eradicate me as well. Because of that realization, I will always defy my filter to ensure I can walk through my life journey without regrets, doubts or misunderstandings, by being as certain as I can that I've offered every piece of valuable decision making information someone may need to stay true to themselves and their own ethical values. We all exist, exactly as we are, to play our assigned part in this universe in order for it to work...not to try to change each other.

Am I wordy? Verbose? Long-winded? Of course I am. I'm passionate about avoiding the misunderstandings and such, so my speech must adapt to as many different trains of thought as I've ever been introduced to thus far. I'll beat a dead horse, and talk something to death after you've already understood it even, just to be sure I got the message across to you. I will frustrate some, fascinate some, bore some, and bewilder others. Most of you reading this (if anyone even does) will probably be dwindling in numbers the further I go with this. However, I promise you, if you stick it out, and keep up with this blog/project of mine or come to me for advice in the future...everything from to you will always be based on my code of ethics. So again, I welcome you to my journey if you choose to make it part of yours in any measure. I look forward to whatever connection or purpose we pose for each other, and no matter what happens from here, I wish for you whatever it is you wish for yourself. And now, after you reread my code of ethics you'll see the reason for the title "The Point of No Return", because I will end this first blog entry with a very bold closing paragraph.

My reality is my reality, I know what I know, with or without approval or agreement from anyone. I am never "wrong", and neither are my cards. Most folks go to tarot readers for entertainment, or believe the reader has the "burden" of proving their validity by what they say or predict. That's not the case here. If you make your way to me for a reading, you were meant to for one reason or another. The only "burden" of proving validity over I've encountered over my lifetime, has been on those that disagree with me and have to hear the "I told you so" that inevitably will follow from me. I must admit, it is a guilty pleasure of mine to do it, which tends to make some folks hope for, wish for and in some instances convince themselves of the moment I will be wrong so the "I told you so" can be shot back at me, and my "claim" to never being wrong will end. Well it hasn't...haha. Until my next entry, and possibly future podcasts where I will be sharing detailed paranormal/spiritual experiences, the few magical souls in my world and such, please be safe, be well...but most importantly, be true. I will do my best to make these more interesting and engaging as I grow and learn moving forward.

My core truth.

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